Best Websites for Royalty Free Videos for Commercial Use

Music is often required to accompany a visual display or a video, as a background score, while the narrative unfolds visually on-screen. When such content is distributed for a consideration, it comes under commercial use.

There is nothing like a great soundtrack to make a video memorable, but it must be ensured that the music track does not violate any copyright.

It is important to note that such music must be used in an authorized manner, because a good popular video on YouTube may be pulled down in case there are complaints of copyright violations and the creators penalized for it.

In extreme cases, there can be legal action and legal claims for damages running into millions.
Therefore, it is imperative that you find great online resources for royalty free music for your online videos projects. Now, YouTube and Vimeo, the most popular video-sharing sites are having their own music libraries which any video-creator can use.

Also there are many music-creators who are willing to share their tracks to others.
Here is a list of ten great sites for finding the perfect royalty free music for your online videos.

The music on these sites is completely free to use with no royalties or licensing fees. Sometimes for tracks that are not free, you need to pay a one-time price or licensing fee to download the music and use it for your videos.



One of the most popular website for royalty-free music, it has everything you will need. It has great collection of awesome music, easy search options, and is very user-friendly.

It has a library of thousands of music pieces in mp3 format. It has easy t search and filter options that enable you to find the music you are looking for. It also has lots of advice and information.

It will also tell you and show how to properly attribute the music on YouTube so that you never face the nasty surprise of your video being taken out for music copyright violations.

This site as passionately created by music composer Kevin MacLeod. He does it to enable more and more people to use his music. There is a huge collection of music from all genres and even mixed music.

In the accompanying descriptive You Tube videos wherever available, he explains about the music and shares useful information. The music can be used for any kind of videos whatever be its genre.

You can search the collection on the kinds of moods or feel you need for the video.
It is being listed at #1 spot as it is the old granddaddy of free royalty-free music sites. Most often the best videos on social media are taken from this site.

It is also the most easily searchable sites and you can select music based on genre, mood, or by instrument, in a jiffy. The preview option allows you to sample the music prior to downloading it.



ccMixter is a produsage (producing and usage) community music site that promotes remix culture and makes samples, remixes, and a cappella tracks.

These are licensed under the Creative Commons available for download and re-use in creative works. It allows users to listen and sample, mash-up, or interact with music in a variety of ways.

There is plenty of music and lots of it are added every day. Under the Creative Commons license you are required to give credit to the source in the videos here the music is used.

Apart from that there are no other restrictions.
You can also edit these samples, remixes, and a cappella tracks and incorporate them into your own music and put them on the videos.

From the drop down menu in the top right hand corner, select the ‘Free for Commercial Use’ licensing option. The tracks in this site are absolutely legal and free to use, but always make sure this by reading the licensing terms of the track you want to use.

The only drawback is, ccMixter does not offer any Sound Effects or SFX.

YouTube Audio Library


The Audio library by You Tube is a great resource for downloading and using Free Music and Sound Effects that can be added straight away to your videos on YouTube, or you can download them to work offline later.

When you are using You Tub video editor, you can use these music on the fly.
There are thousands of royalty-free music and sound effects for you to choose; which becomes easy as these are searchable.

You can filter them according to genre, instrument, mood, duration etc. Check the attribution and make it a great practice to be followed every time, by quoting the attribution within your video.

When you use these music or sound effects on your You Tube videos, you can be assured that You Tube is never going to take them down for violating any copyright laws; as these are hosted by You Tube itself for your use.

Vimeo Music Store


If You Tube has started it, Vimeo cannot be far behind. It has a lesser number of music collection, but it has an impeccable quality of music. A few of these are free, but you need to purchase most of the pieces in the collections.

It offers royalty-free music which means that once you purchase the music, there is no royalty or subsequent amount to be paid. The music cost start with $1.99, however, looking in to the quality of these, the money is well-spent.

If you wish to join Vimeo Plus or Power membership, you can also avail of the discounted offers as well as several useful tools, when you want to use a number of music tracks for your upcoming videos.

Free Stock Music


Free Stock Music states it straight on their website that they want to give you the absolute best production music, totally Free! This website has huge stock of free music in a wide range of genres, and evey day new ones are added.

These are available for download in several audio formats. The registration or sign-up is free and entitles the user to site’s free soundtrack music library, where they can search and pick up any music that adds value to their videos or movies.

The music is 100% royalty-free, which means one can use it for commercial purpose without paying any recurrent fees or any licensing fees. Attribution is recommended, but it is not mandatory.

Best Websites for Royalty Free Videos for Commercial Use
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